Monday, 3 December 2007

Static or dynamic worldviews?

"The physical universe is manifest entirely as structural stabilities of conscious experience"

What is implied by 'structural stabilities', is that we sense the world as static, while in reality, the world is dynamic. What we sense is a view from a window, in space and time, in one of the branches of a chain of dynamically evolved processes. The view of the world through that window in that particular instance, frozen in a single unit of perception to form our conscious experience.

Is that the result of the unitary nature of consciousness? The way consciousness materialises in our brain. The vehicle, by which the product of consciousness is transported? The static nature of the percept produced, a false sense, overriding the continuity inherent in the dynamic event? Does that imply a quantum origin for consciousness, with its included packet idea? The single percept being the packet? The quantum.