Monday, 3 February 2014

human frailties, coming to terms, exploring..

trial and error .. erring is human .. human frailties .. fathoming in it .. upon one’s scruffy head .. associations .. a human being stubborn to admit its frailties .. associations inane and insidious .. internal and intrinsic .. cannot be avoided .. become a necessity .. an internal driving force of its own self-driven .. spontaneous .. simultaneous .. trust them .. trust? .. leading .. lead one .. should not fret of mistakes .. embrace frailties .. courage to admit mistakes ..

meaning .. pervasive and pervading .. meaning is constructed .. tenuous process .. at all levels of activity .. personal collective .. system-wide ..any system .. fatigue enters .. units of meaning .. minuscule to mini .. neighbours what can be carried forth .. necessary for to hold meaning the contact with adjacent units carried together limited .. going back and forth necessary for the carrying process ..associations weakening .. tunnels .. corridors .. tunnelling .. blind .. in the dark ..light limited and limiting .. writing recording meaning achieved ..on the go .. assists process ..

context .. associations surpasses context ..contextual cues .. driven blind .. inter-contextual associations which in physical level corresponds to jumping through the nerve gaps over synapses to nerve fibres belonging to different clusters, cell assemblies that lie adjacent .. or not necessarily adjacent depending on the length of the nerve fibre that could drive an association farther afield .. engaging force that could carry a train of thought.. depending upon it .. its strength .. to carry it through .. innovation ..acquired via such processes .. resembling a storm .. in the brain .. the size of it .. physical or mental .. tiny ..

fatigue, in the brain .. its origin chemical .. substances accumulating .. or depleting .. gaps are not surpassed pulses are not propagated .. static .. isolated .. the connection of units of meaning deposited as memories in different forms representing a subconscious level .. being the subconscious layer .. by all bits of information entering a mind in whatever way .. on-the-fly meaning constructed and destroyed in the process .. short-lived .. recording its passage necessary .. needed .. resembled to a mole digging tunnels blind .. to trace and track its steps .. the quality in whatever way is meant be .. is taken as .. is achieved ..varies .. gems encountered ..out of nowhere .. meaning acquired .. acquiring, a driving force on its own .. a direct connection with its physical origins, intended .. accumulating .. enriching its gamut as the processes that create meaning, are let to take place freely .. undeterred by considerations foreign to their cause let meaning form on its own merit .. the unconscious aspect of its construction .. rules of engaging in novel ways of associating of what lies there .. understanding the function of the brain ..

my .. person( for the lack of a better term handy right now.. and for the sake of letting the process flow .. undeterred) split .. amazed, confounded  .. by this ..thought .. realisation .. as if I do not own what I produce .. I have no control .. in a way ..what I regard as mine .. I have a tool at my disposal that I do not fully understand .. a deeper ..cause .. of the human ..erring .. that ought to come to terms with .. in order to push forward .. and dare to say for any human being .. or system for that matter .. the trial and error .. fully explained ..only obscured by the fallacious ego .. that ..entity .. (entity?) ..menacing ..self .. person ..

entity? .. surpassing a gap .. inter-contextual cue .. tag .. if an entity then(the IF ..THEN ..loop, making use of..) ought to be a system on its own .. construct a system.. independent from the rest of .. what is .. referred to in the third person .. having its own set of rules .. rules of engaging in .. with its ..likes .. the population of the entities in that system .. which nevertheless is a subsystem part of a ..or the wider system .. which it makes .. .. single entity systems ..or ..confusing properties with entities .. or ..ego .. is a name for the system ..only .. what the system is named after .. and what comprise its entities are the nerve cells .. themselves ..  and that thought wouldn’t but be ..answered appropriate manner .. nerve cells that belong to that system .. its physical counterparts that carry its ..ego .. signature .. oh well ..far-fetched .. but nevertheless ought to be explained .. explored .. forming in it a sort off ..stable structure that no matter how haphazard it may seem might open up new avenues of thought .. no harm in endeavouring along this path ..