Thursday, 24 March 2011

The spread of uprisings ... An explanation from beyond ..

An explanation beyond the tangible, of what can be seen; touched; listened to, of rationality, of what is known and discussed about consciousness (1).

Right now I am contemplating while I listen to Al Jazzera English live channel on the protests that currently are taking place in Syria today 12:00 noon on Thursday 24th March 2011.

The triggers were given from what I read about in that paper (3)

represent states .. all in a superposition of states .. which its imminent collapse .. will be manifested as an act of decision making .. the individual making a judgement

and in this superposition of states .. anything is entered . as Feynman's original explanation .. the journey of an electron for going from A to B includes the path that takes the electron to the moon before it ends to B

.. combined with what I contemplated and wrote about in that post about the human individual as quantum mechanical entity

the other paper about concepts

ideas concepts do not spread only in hard copy written listened talked

but in the context of global consciousness

.. that the only thing that has to be done is for individuals or individual to merely think of a concept in the form of a fledgling idea .. without even the need to be written down, for others to read, to be spoken, for others to listen .. merely contemplated

it resembles what has been said about memes .. but goes even beyond that .. quantum events .. quantum mechanical entities .. the idea of waves .. propagating in the noosphere .. do not require .. what can be taken as .. hard copies (tangible)

the common and collective cauldron of concepts .. the material by which .. consciousness is made out of .. consciousness as it is split .. into the myriads consciousness of the individuals around the world .. but altogether connects .. there is cohesion .. cohere into what it is part .. global consciousness .. assembled .. created .. brought to existence .. according to principle of the whole as being more than the sum of its parts

superposition of states .. the myriad states .. which its collapse .. brings about the existence

the myriad states .. out of the ideas and concepts .. thought .. when a concept thought .. out of the myriad combinations of all the concepts already existing .. a novel approach .. the idea that instantiates .. becomes the state to collapse ..

that indicates .. how futile is Gaddafi's efforts .. to battle against the uprising of Libyan people .. what Yemeni president Saleh tries to avoid

someone would call it the awakening . of the global consciousness .. that spreads all over the Arab world

certainly the growth of all the social media contribute to that awakening the spread of the ideas and concepts

new social media certainly were not sufficient in themselves to spark an awakening or bring about real political change.(2)

the boundaries of merely being a tool for global capitalism in the hands of the corporations .. but having a will of its own .. the global consciousness .. have surpassed .. broken out of the boundaries .. that they were set out to begin with ...

provides the bed upon which global consciousness .. to unleash unstoppable forces

they are many wonders that they are still on hold for the human individual .. the extent its mind can reach .. a process that all these years was hindered .. by the insane and inane pursuit of money .. the wasting of the human potential .. to pursuits .. that debase .. brutalise .. trivialise its true worth and value

(1) Mind Chaos: Knowing the limits consciousness offers to self.
(2) The persistent fear base of authoritarianism