Thursday, 13 November 2014

global and local considerations .. chaotic systems phase space ..applied to ..mind

how the hell ..did that happen .. I was not asking for it .. I only had in mind to delve upon ..memories .. if that means, in itself, anything .. which right now .. even for myself I use it as an anchor .. the rest of the thoughts are precariously ..connected .. I might loose them .. yet ..that extract from something I wrote about some years ago .. fits to ..the yet .. undeveloped thoughts .. still to come..

"..the isolation of phase space used to explain why humans as dynamical systems have limited perceptions as the extend of their perceptions are determined by the phase spaces their dynamical systems unfold .. our perceptions are limited by the phase spaces that the variables and parameters have set .. variables and parameters as are influenced by knowledge knowledge, limited scope variables and parameters .. determine the extend of the phase spaces .. and these phase spaces do not mix .. strangers but close together.."

minds .. the dynamical systems .. phase space where all the states the dynamical system are included ..our minds contain .. where are memories reside .. memories practically being states as such .. mind states .. included in mind's phase space .. and develop from state to state by the ..tweaking of variables and parameters .. which as they vary and out of the connections provided by functions, they produce state from state, one state from another ... all within mind's phase space ..

and mind's phase space could include .. and should include .. our entire lives .. all the states we found selves in ..

and the variables and parameters are out of our knowledge .. what we learn as we grow older .. determine the extend of one's phase space .. different kinds of knowledge ..different phase spaces .. and as knowledge is made out of the concepts ..conquered .. acquired a grasp ..which translates into variables and parameters .. the properties concepts possess .. out of which concepts are defined and described .. and the more refined concept acquisition has progressed ..has an impact upon the breadth and the depth one's mind phase space is constructed ..

that turn .. can be taken as a measure of ..consciousness .. from the point of view that the more we are armed conceptually, the more we can distinguish, focus and observe .. stand witness upon ..
which poses the question about consciousness .. is it gained or awarded ..given to..

do we gain consciousness  ..or gain in consciousness .. either way the result feels the same ..

one's brain making up a mind .. creating a state of mind .. and acts upon it .. using it as a blueprint to guide action .. deal with events one is involved in .. making choices.. taking decisions .. one draws out of ready-made solutions .. ones one made in the past while dealing similar situations .. and if one finds self short of the arsenal of already made up recipe-like ways on how to act .. associates ..

associate ..if one is equipped.. endowed genetically with the necessary skills ..or if he learned to seek out solutions by virtue of associations .. as by associations we produce novel solutions .. manage to deal with the unexpected in one's life events ..

if one lacks the ability to deal with problems via associations bound to be unable to deal with novel problems .. scraping through in life .. even for seemingly similar problems

continuously using the same approach .. causes trouble to self .. as even similar problems ..tend to be presented with slight variations each time the alternatives to deal even with the slight variations soon or .. sooner or later ..are exhausted ..

has to rely upon association .. to gain new ways of dealing an ever extended gamut of problems .. has to rely upon association..

global and local considerations ..