Monday, 12 November 2007

Concepts and consciousness

In a previous post I dealt with the matter of consciousness from the point of view of a wine-taster and I mentioned that a constantly evolving formal terminology is used to describe the range of perceived flavours, aromas and other characteristics of a wine. And that is what makes it possible for a wine-taster to tell the difference between wine samples. Concepts involved are strongly affirmed via an ever more detailed description. Therefore the breadth of concepts relevant to wine, (the category wine?) expand.

In this paper about synectics I found similar lines of thoughts, similar as regards to the significance in a rising consciousness of describing further the concepts, even for concepts which are very difficult to pin down. Synectics deals with the creative process. They mention that the creative process in human beings can be concretely described and, further, that sound description should be usable in teaching methodology to increase the creative output of both individuals and groups. This position agrees with what I mention before for wine tasters. It is the constantly evolving formal terminology by ever more sound descriptions, that is used to develop the methodology to increase wine-tasting skills as groups and as individuals. That points towards the significance of following similar lines of action for all the concepts that comprise consciousness in both the individual level and group level, group level being community, society, culture. And why not, it should be the way education is delivered.