Sunday, 7 September 2008

A storm in my brain ?!!!

There is something there which I need to explore. More than explore, what I require to do, is elucidate further the thoughts triggered. I wonder how should I put it. It is about the mind's ability to quickly assess a situation, a state presented in front of you, and requires a fast and reliable solution. Though it is not strictly a problem, as much as a situation that requires a ready-made solution.

I am going around circling the matter I want to deal with, a brain-storm in anticipation of providing the solution and the words to describe it. In an attempt to generalize before even accessing the substance of the matter as such. States presented to us constantly requiring to be handled. Furtive states, in need for instantaneous solutions. You can not pause to think how to handle the situation, you have to act fast which brings it down to reflex actions. Reflex actions built by the accumulation of experience over the years. It is intrinsic within the solution necessary to calculate the movements needed to tackle the situation. Calculations done by using the raw power of your brain cells. No conscious handling. It takes too much time. Not counting one by one but in hundreds. Non-linear? Why the non-linear came to my mind? Does that mean anything? Gearing perhaps? Getting more from very little? Some sort of function where the output far exceeds the input?

It brings into my mind thoughts I expressed on the matter of nerve cells charting our surrounding space. And regarding the raw solving power our neurons possess.