Friday, 28 September 2007

Innate predisposition for information processing

I feel compelled to repeat that phrase in fear of forgetting it. Humans
possess an innate predisposition for information processing. How
aptly Silven M. put it, in his summary of his Psykologia paper in 1997.
I read it as built-in curiosity bug, what powers human tendency for learning and, since predisposed, an element of eagerness and a thirst for learning. Or not. Computers do information processing, as such a mechanical procedure. Nothing is added to the 'personality' of the computer. It does not grow or evolve. It is not the owner of the information processing product. Does that mean that this difference, the ownership, is what really matters?
Humans own the information processing product and use it accordingly to make sense of their social and physical world. To categorize the objects and events by building an arsenal of mental representations, the information processing products, that comprise the elements in the changing surrounding world.
The author continues, as humans since birth we continuously engage in objects and events information processing, manage to dissolve apparent chaos in our environment, which is referred to as piagetian or psychoanalytic chaos. Piagetian probably related to the environment and psychoanalytic to the internal world, conflicts and so on. Heavy. The innate processes give structure to the infant's world.
A structured world view is gradually accomplished by the infant's mind processes. The elements in the structure are the mechanisms dictated by the social and physical laws and are continually applied. The chaos in the world never ceases to exist. It does not disappear. The human mind by the emergence of consciousness and language assimilates its carrier in the chaotic framework. The concepts acquired, in parallel with the development of language provide the features required so gradually fits in its environment and assume its role alongside the objects in the environment and continue to do so in the course of its life. So mind processes and chaos deciphering go along hand in hand.