Saturday, 2 February 2013

an account of ..viral

state of mind .. what came to me .. earlier on .. how do thoughts emerge ..into the limelight into the forefront of the mind .. defining the current state .. the thought pondered

the process .. begins deeper in the mind the concepts held .. what comes out to surprise you is only the outcome of many other processes that take place unconsciously .. or subconsciously .. might be .. equally plausible ..

that gives credence or even explains the spontaneous .. the viral ..manifestation it is called .. a viral infection .. its minute agent .. multiple agents .. spreads uncontrollably .. equipped by a limited set of instructions .. though to another domain that of social interactions which nevertheless undergoes the same procedures as for the mind of a single person, a viral manifestation in a single person

as in the social realm what leads to a spontaneous presentation of a group of people though ..initially ..not regarded as a group before the manifestation .. at least not necessarily ... it comes out as a matter of synchrony and reverberation. Synchrony as a matter of thoughts taking or taken place in the minds of people involved ..being synchronised and the reverberation the simultaneous outburst of that outcome, what is witnessed as ...that collective outcome

synchrony implies processes which achieved synchronicity, their paths synchronised, paths which their origins are to be found at lower levels, threads that go deeper into the mind, the architecture of that ..of a fractal nature

thinking .. viral .. therefore

synchronicity and reverberation ..the thoughts that had entered my mind during the course of the day which I suspect they were the ones that.. that what?? .. what has led my mind to ponder ..upon these thoughts?? 

memories .. stored .. in disparate locations .. laid ..across the brain neural circuitry .. time-stamped ..

memories .. stored .. in disparate locations .. laid ..across the brain neural circuitry .. time-stamped ..

.. the time the memory has been etched .. imprinted on ..

..a physical location .. the approach to .. the direction the physical location has been put into memory .. that is recorded and stored into memory ..

more than one direction .. making up the memory for the specific .. physical location .. stored in another area of the brain ..

 direction ..equating to perspective..

the memory .. is brought out .. from the different directions .. that has been etched ..into

that is how .. the dimensions are ..constructed .. the stereoscopic attributes of the object .. physical location ..