Friday, 4 November 2011

Celebrate our ..ignorance. Ignorance equates to un-awareness. Nature-endowed. Become familiar, accept it, embrace it.

Business Judgment Rule legal definition of Business Judgment Rule. the Free Online Law Dictionary.

Business judgement rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

business judgement rule .. the innards of the system ..

.. reads ..

"To challenge the actions of a corporation's board of directors, a plaintiff assumes "the burden of providing evidence that directors, in reaching their challenged decision, breached any one of the triads of their fiduciary duty—good faith, loyalty, or due care"[2]"

the triads .. good faith, loyalty, due care .. so vague .. so obtuse(?) (how did that word came into mind?) ..does that make any sense at all? .. sense ..that I am oblivious to .. my conscious mind? .. and yet.. it came .. fulfilling .. a closure .. as yet .. un.. un.. what? .. unresolved ..

obtuse adj., -tus·er, -tus·est.

"Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.
Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity: an obtuse remark.
Not distinctly felt: an obtuse pain.
Not sharp, pointed, or acute in form; blunt.
Having an obtuse angle: an obtuse triangle.
Botany. Having a blunt or rounded tip: an obtuse leaf.

resolved .. by virtue of being ..vague .. handling such notions .. would not bear the best .. individuals can provide .. and any actions on the triads behalf .. would be characterised by .. lack of quickness of perception or intellect .. lack of intelligence or sensitivity .. not sharp, pointed, or acute in form; blunt

the sombre facade .. individuals are dressed .. exhibit .. put forth .. reason-inspired .. reason, its shaky foundations .. and its over-reliance upon such brittle fundamentals .. brought to bear .. by individuals surrounding the decision-makers .. any decision-makers .. at any level of any organised form .. individuals have willingly placed themselves .. or are placed by an organised system .. in whatever way it has evolved .. its evolution traced through centuries of human activity .. and unwittingly subjected by them .. the decision-makers .. and the decisions made .. which the least of all being .. that it is annoying .. going to the extremes .. which might include complete destruction .. verging annihilation ..

it proved to me .. that despite not knowing out of the top of my head .. the definition .. and therefore the reason for using that particular word (obtuse, that is) .. that intuition .. and intuition-governed discourse .. is paramount in achieving .. innovative results .. and works .. in un-awareness .. apparent .. un-awareness

..taking the whole process .. into a matter of trust .. trust of our intuitions .. they work via underlying mechanisms .. deployed virtually unaware of our consciousness .. or at least .. by some of the definitions given for consciousness ..

celebrate our ..ignorance .. how did that come forth .. ignorance equated to un-awareness .. become familiar with it .. accept it .. for ourselves .. and for other other people around us .. do not apportion malice as the only reason .. behind any decisions .. they make .. be that corporations bosses .. head of states .. politicians .. and above all .. anyone ..

.. endowed with .. it is nature-given .. our ways .. to explore ..our surroundings ..

wrong decisions .. accept them as mistakes .. theirs .. ours .. and move on .. remedy the situations .. the states, the outcomes .. if they need .. remediation ..

tolerance .. despite the ample display of arrogance .. human individuals are entitled to it .. their undeniable entitlement .. anyone is entitled to .. and anyone displays it .. in abundance .. it is a prerogative of the human individual .. we need it ..

vague .. fuzzy .. so spread out .. unable to quantify .. quantify .. legal .. law .. attempts .. to distil meaning .. definitions provided .. the cases a court by which provides solutions .. boundaries .. limits .. strappings .. mere strappings .. arbitrary bootstraps ποδηγετιση ..

the whole system .. rely upon ..

uncertainties .. full of uncertainties .. thence is amazing how anything based upon these ..triads .. can ever achieve the stable structures the corporations appear to have .. but at the same time .. the excesses that dominate the sector ..

Monday, 19 September 2011

Consciousness kicks in...

Consciousness is a four- or higher-dimensional force that can operationalize the C-choosing-function and affect our trajectory through four-dimensional space.

consciousness ..composite entity .. components ..or the way it manifests itself .. as awareness ..or attention ..or free will .. to name a few ..

what passes as an inability to define consciousness more fundamental systemic as such .. consciousness as being the property of the system ..that stands above reality .. and manifests to us as .. spurts .. that last for moments only .. the intersections ..of a 4-d plane

bear similarities with

what makes people create convictions and stand by them .. simply a result of the materials upon which they conceive what happens what takes place in the sphere they are surrounded by .. where they unravel the threads of their lives

materials representing their state of knowledge ..of what is to be known and how deeply they know what they think they know .. skewed to a great extent upon the choices they made .. choices that they exert overriding influences .. self-imposed limits .. that ring-fence ..tight boundaries .. that strangle the individual within .. breathing space restricted .. the air it breathes .. it is needed .. ideas .. these furtive entities if heeded .. if their passage and out ..of our sphere of influence .. are capable to break up the stranglehold ..the security enabled ring-fencing .. that was allowed to start building in the first place ..

consciousness kicks in

Monday, 20 June 2011

Fighting addiction .. by .. by-passing entire domains. ..

In New Addiction Treatment Erases Drug-Associated Memories

"Professor Barry Everitt said, “The results suggest that efforts should be made to develop drugs that could be given in a controlled clinical or treatment environment in which addicts would have their most potent drug memories reactivated. Such treatments would be expected to diminish the effects of those memories in the future and help individuals resist relapse and maintain their abstinence."

a mental .. alternative ..

Drug .. anything classed as drug .. cigarettes .. alcohol .. name it .. addicted ..

addiction .. sustained .. by paths .. trodden .. visited .. again and again .. on and on ..

drug-associated memories .. drug-behaviours .. fractally organised in the brain .. in domains .. sub-domains ..etc ..

fighting addiction .. by .. by-passing entire domains ..

all a matter .. of what route is taken .. by one's mind .. one's consciousness daily stream ..

a route not taken ..a domain not visited .. is as good as .. not existing all ..

a domain ..full of drug-associated memories .. all dragged .. into .. virtual oblivion .. from literally one moment to the next ..

once the tip of one's .. consciousness arrow .. mind .. is attracted .. beguiled .. drawn into

a more powerful cause .. purpose .. that swamps .. obliterates any cause .. (pre)-existing ..

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

.. logical explanation?

logical explanation .. what is that .. accustomed .. been bred within .. the logical explanation .. mechanistic .. Newtonian .. states organised along these lines .. societies ..

is there anything logical .. the way it is assumed .. the attributes of the concept amassed over the years .. the language formed .. used profusely and determine the thoughts that people make ..

there is nothing logical .. in the way people's minds work .. there is nothing logical .. in the way nature works for that matter .. in the way that systems work .. in general

emergence .. weightings .. concepts .. or entities undergoing processes .. the processes themselves .. that derive out of the working the concepts .. what the entities that comprise the system do ..

weightings in the processes .. that make one stronger or weaker than another .. each of the competing processes ..though they are other than competing against each other .. merely .. set side-by-side .. any competition might be surmised .. its purely seen in artefactual manner .. as seen from the perspective of an outsider .. an observer .. and that observer is identified the human individual..

processes .. playing in the same field .. what could be construed as .. competing with one another .. but there is nothing intrinsic within the processes .. that could justify .. the idea of competition .. each process unravels on its own merits and for its own sake alone ..

what is measured as the outcome .. is a combination of the outcomes .. of all the processes within a particular field ..

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The spread of uprisings ... An explanation from beyond ..

An explanation beyond the tangible, of what can be seen; touched; listened to, of rationality, of what is known and discussed about consciousness (1).

Right now I am contemplating while I listen to Al Jazzera English live channel on the protests that currently are taking place in Syria today 12:00 noon on Thursday 24th March 2011.

The triggers were given from what I read about in that paper (3)

represent states .. all in a superposition of states .. which its imminent collapse .. will be manifested as an act of decision making .. the individual making a judgement

and in this superposition of states .. anything is entered . as Feynman's original explanation .. the journey of an electron for going from A to B includes the path that takes the electron to the moon before it ends to B

.. combined with what I contemplated and wrote about in that post about the human individual as quantum mechanical entity

the other paper about concepts

ideas concepts do not spread only in hard copy written listened talked

but in the context of global consciousness

.. that the only thing that has to be done is for individuals or individual to merely think of a concept in the form of a fledgling idea .. without even the need to be written down, for others to read, to be spoken, for others to listen .. merely contemplated

it resembles what has been said about memes .. but goes even beyond that .. quantum events .. quantum mechanical entities .. the idea of waves .. propagating in the noosphere .. do not require .. what can be taken as .. hard copies (tangible)

the common and collective cauldron of concepts .. the material by which .. consciousness is made out of .. consciousness as it is split .. into the myriads consciousness of the individuals around the world .. but altogether connects .. there is cohesion .. cohere into what it is part .. global consciousness .. assembled .. created .. brought to existence .. according to principle of the whole as being more than the sum of its parts

superposition of states .. the myriad states .. which its collapse .. brings about the existence

the myriad states .. out of the ideas and concepts .. thought .. when a concept thought .. out of the myriad combinations of all the concepts already existing .. a novel approach .. the idea that instantiates .. becomes the state to collapse ..

that indicates .. how futile is Gaddafi's efforts .. to battle against the uprising of Libyan people .. what Yemeni president Saleh tries to avoid

someone would call it the awakening . of the global consciousness .. that spreads all over the Arab world

certainly the growth of all the social media contribute to that awakening the spread of the ideas and concepts

new social media certainly were not sufficient in themselves to spark an awakening or bring about real political change.(2)

the boundaries of merely being a tool for global capitalism in the hands of the corporations .. but having a will of its own .. the global consciousness .. have surpassed .. broken out of the boundaries .. that they were set out to begin with ...

provides the bed upon which global consciousness .. to unleash unstoppable forces

they are many wonders that they are still on hold for the human individual .. the extent its mind can reach .. a process that all these years was hindered .. by the insane and inane pursuit of money .. the wasting of the human potential .. to pursuits .. that debase .. brutalise .. trivialise its true worth and value

(1) Mind Chaos: Knowing the limits consciousness offers to self.
(2) The persistent fear base of authoritarianism