Monday, 19 September 2011

Consciousness kicks in...

Consciousness is a four- or higher-dimensional force that can operationalize the C-choosing-function and affect our trajectory through four-dimensional space.

consciousness ..composite entity .. components ..or the way it manifests itself .. as awareness ..or attention ..or free will .. to name a few ..

what passes as an inability to define consciousness more fundamental systemic as such .. consciousness as being the property of the system ..that stands above reality .. and manifests to us as .. spurts .. that last for moments only .. the intersections ..of a 4-d plane

bear similarities with

what makes people create convictions and stand by them .. simply a result of the materials upon which they conceive what happens what takes place in the sphere they are surrounded by .. where they unravel the threads of their lives

materials representing their state of knowledge ..of what is to be known and how deeply they know what they think they know .. skewed to a great extent upon the choices they made .. choices that they exert overriding influences .. self-imposed limits .. that ring-fence ..tight boundaries .. that strangle the individual within .. breathing space restricted .. the air it breathes .. it is needed .. ideas .. these furtive entities if heeded .. if their passage and out ..of our sphere of influence .. are capable to break up the stranglehold ..the security enabled ring-fencing .. that was allowed to start building in the first place ..

consciousness kicks in