Thursday, 30 October 2014

the conscious unconscious interplay.. running along ..Thomas Kuhn's ..prerogative ..precept ..

Conscious unconscious interplay ..calling in to measurement ..implicated in measurement.. and measurement into the collapse of the wavefunction ..

crapping .. infiltrating into the famous ..BBBs .. Bed .. Bus .. Bath .. and into the conscious unconscious interplay .. how can such a state of the human mind be implemented ..

And the other aspect ..touching that interplay ..what hinders this state acquisition ..the

..being recognised.. 
..the ..ego at bay the forefront ..

What can be assumed as being part of the power that individuals should yield ..feel ought, ..being pressured feel.. supposed to ..and demanded of .. what is the basis of the current state of societies .. The capitalistic foundations .. its ultimate being ..recognised by the possession of loads a money to be finger-pointed ..standing above the crowd ..

The conscious side throws off the individual ..destroys the unconscious side ..

No reservation ..devoid of from ..
To take advantage of quantum properties the only way it can be possible ..unconsciously delve deep in the processes of nature the strangeness of the quantum realm ..

Consciousness destroys ..decohere the wavefunctions ..

Ignoring its (unconscious) presence completely ..
bringing unconscious in the forefront ..learn how to deal with it .. an unparalleled feat .. a challenge for the human individual that would give what has been attributed as magic powers ..

That can master it..

Ideas they are instantiated ..created seemingly ..  if .. out of nowhere ..though that is what it appears as ..
.. an interplay of conscious with unconscious processes ..functions that has been within the potential of the human individual .. in its grasp since the dawn of humanity ..dare say..
Claim ..posit..

Only for consciousness to erase the traces the unconscious leaves behind ..

Conscious unconscious interplay been with the individual intertwined with nature itself ..the quantum nature ..

How an idea is created.. When it barely touches ..the ideas that is connected with ..spawning them … subtle influences passed on, into the newly created ..

.. tracing those influences ..from the amplituhedron .. to an electron wave function divided and trapped .. the paths that were opened .. in order to arrive the barebones of the idea that niggles me right now..

the unconscious into a realm that language is ..meaningless.. Taking the paradigm ..of coding coding ..literally the 1s and 0s ..and transforming ..parsing ..compiling them ..and whatever other processes to end up with the advanced programming languages ..developed and evolved in the same way that spoken language must have developed and evolved ..though the 1s and 0s of computers .. are the quantum world's wave functions  ..

That’s where from ..language has originated and that is where they still lie .. And support the whole overlaid structure ..
.. where conscious resides ..over the backs of the unconscious ..

Release the hold of the unconscious from the tethers the conscious has draped upon it the unconscious from the conscious grapplings ..use its findings though ..these findings of the conscious ..the unconscious will be liberated still the unconscious requires these findings of the conscious to get liberated is what is called informed decisions ..the guidance of the unconscious out of the findings of the conscious .. The conscious being the book that is written .. But is writing it out of the sparks the unconscious reveals as it is the only one that can delve deep into the quantum processes..

Thomas Kuhn's prerogative ..precept ..the conscious unconscious interplay..
Language feel ..and do not become slave to it ..letting it flow unhindered.. use as you may and not as you ought to..

Not an obligation ..but a necessity ..the world full of disparate concepts ..jumbled up.. Ought to rearrange into meaningful orders to humans nature of things ..