Monday, 3 February 2014

human frailties, coming to terms, exploring..

trial and error .. erring is human .. human frailties .. fathoming in it .. upon one’s scruffy head .. associations .. a human being stubborn to admit its frailties .. associations inane and insidious .. internal and intrinsic .. cannot be avoided .. become a necessity .. an internal driving force of its own self-driven .. spontaneous .. simultaneous .. trust them .. trust? .. leading .. lead one .. should not fret of mistakes .. embrace frailties .. courage to admit mistakes ..

meaning .. pervasive and pervading .. meaning is constructed .. tenuous process .. at all levels of activity .. personal collective .. system-wide ..any system .. fatigue enters .. units of meaning .. minuscule to mini .. neighbours what can be carried forth .. necessary for to hold meaning the contact with adjacent units carried together limited .. going back and forth necessary for the carrying process ..associations weakening .. tunnels .. corridors .. tunnelling .. blind .. in the dark ..light limited and limiting .. writing recording meaning achieved ..on the go .. assists process ..

context .. associations surpasses context ..contextual cues .. driven blind .. inter-contextual associations which in physical level corresponds to jumping through the nerve gaps over synapses to nerve fibres belonging to different clusters, cell assemblies that lie adjacent .. or not necessarily adjacent depending on the length of the nerve fibre that could drive an association farther afield .. engaging force that could carry a train of thought.. depending upon it .. its strength .. to carry it through .. innovation ..acquired via such processes .. resembling a storm .. in the brain .. the size of it .. physical or mental .. tiny ..

fatigue, in the brain .. its origin chemical .. substances accumulating .. or depleting .. gaps are not surpassed pulses are not propagated .. static .. isolated .. the connection of units of meaning deposited as memories in different forms representing a subconscious level .. being the subconscious layer .. by all bits of information entering a mind in whatever way .. on-the-fly meaning constructed and destroyed in the process .. short-lived .. recording its passage necessary .. needed .. resembled to a mole digging tunnels blind .. to trace and track its steps .. the quality in whatever way is meant be .. is taken as .. is achieved ..varies .. gems encountered ..out of nowhere .. meaning acquired .. acquiring, a driving force on its own .. a direct connection with its physical origins, intended .. accumulating .. enriching its gamut as the processes that create meaning, are let to take place freely .. undeterred by considerations foreign to their cause let meaning form on its own merit .. the unconscious aspect of its construction .. rules of engaging in novel ways of associating of what lies there .. understanding the function of the brain ..

my .. person( for the lack of a better term handy right now.. and for the sake of letting the process flow .. undeterred) split .. amazed, confounded  .. by this ..thought .. realisation .. as if I do not own what I produce .. I have no control .. in a way ..what I regard as mine .. I have a tool at my disposal that I do not fully understand .. a deeper ..cause .. of the human ..erring .. that ought to come to terms with .. in order to push forward .. and dare to say for any human being .. or system for that matter .. the trial and error .. fully explained ..only obscured by the fallacious ego .. that ..entity .. (entity?) ..menacing ..self .. person ..

entity? .. surpassing a gap .. inter-contextual cue .. tag .. if an entity then(the IF ..THEN ..loop, making use of..) ought to be a system on its own .. construct a system.. independent from the rest of .. what is .. referred to in the third person .. having its own set of rules .. rules of engaging in .. with its ..likes .. the population of the entities in that system .. which nevertheless is a subsystem part of a ..or the wider system .. which it makes .. .. single entity systems ..or ..confusing properties with entities .. or ..ego .. is a name for the system ..only .. what the system is named after .. and what comprise its entities are the nerve cells .. themselves ..  and that thought wouldn’t but be ..answered appropriate manner .. nerve cells that belong to that system .. its physical counterparts that carry its ..ego .. signature .. oh well ..far-fetched .. but nevertheless ought to be explained .. explored .. forming in it a sort off ..stable structure that no matter how haphazard it may seem might open up new avenues of thought .. no harm in endeavouring along this path ..

Saturday, 2 February 2013

an account of ..viral

state of mind .. what came to me .. earlier on .. how do thoughts emerge ..into the limelight into the forefront of the mind .. defining the current state .. the thought pondered

the process .. begins deeper in the mind the concepts held .. what comes out to surprise you is only the outcome of many other processes that take place unconsciously .. or subconsciously .. might be .. equally plausible ..

that gives credence or even explains the spontaneous .. the viral ..manifestation it is called .. a viral infection .. its minute agent .. multiple agents .. spreads uncontrollably .. equipped by a limited set of instructions .. though to another domain that of social interactions which nevertheless undergoes the same procedures as for the mind of a single person, a viral manifestation in a single person

as in the social realm what leads to a spontaneous presentation of a group of people though ..initially ..not regarded as a group before the manifestation .. at least not necessarily ... it comes out as a matter of synchrony and reverberation. Synchrony as a matter of thoughts taking or taken place in the minds of people involved ..being synchronised and the reverberation the simultaneous outburst of that outcome, what is witnessed as ...that collective outcome

synchrony implies processes which achieved synchronicity, their paths synchronised, paths which their origins are to be found at lower levels, threads that go deeper into the mind, the architecture of that ..of a fractal nature

thinking .. viral .. therefore

synchronicity and reverberation ..the thoughts that had entered my mind during the course of the day which I suspect they were the ones that.. that what?? .. what has led my mind to ponder ..upon these thoughts?? 

memories .. stored .. in disparate locations .. laid ..across the brain neural circuitry .. time-stamped ..

memories .. stored .. in disparate locations .. laid ..across the brain neural circuitry .. time-stamped ..

.. the time the memory has been etched .. imprinted on ..

..a physical location .. the approach to .. the direction the physical location has been put into memory .. that is recorded and stored into memory ..

more than one direction .. making up the memory for the specific .. physical location .. stored in another area of the brain ..

 direction ..equating to perspective..

the memory .. is brought out .. from the different directions .. that has been etched ..into

that is how .. the dimensions are ..constructed .. the stereoscopic attributes of the object .. physical location ..

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sigmund Freud's, structure of the unconscious ..

.. an extract out of Sigmund Freud, "The Structure of the Unconscious"
"As regards a characterization of the ego, ... in so far as it is to be distinguished from the id and the super-ego, we shall get on better if we turn our attention to the relation between it ..

.. the ego, in its relation to the human mental apparatus ..

.. mental apparatus, brain and mind, the tool that makes it possible for us .. to record, observe its presence .. of ego .. one-self .. and within this word ..included all its different forms of .. my(self) .. him-, her-, it(self) .. our-, your-, them-(selves) ..

.. mirrored, .. him, her, it, your, them, .. reflected upon .. what makes the reflections possible .. reflection-carrying potential ..

.. the one-self ..exists .. only because .. to carry its reflections

.. associated, connected .. woven into .. inseparable .. one-self solipsism (solipsism=an illusion producing entity.. attribute) ..doesn't exist .. (it doesn’t exist? ..even to the point ..of non-existence .. however is there.. and it muddles up ..what is there .. it prevents us of a clear view)..

.. it is high time .. to act and behave .. as nature dictates ..(nature dictates?.. how can we know what nature dictates? .. what portion of the mental apparatus more enabling .. if assume the components of the mental apparatus being .. the ego .. the id and ..the super-ego ..

.. and the most superficial portion of the mental apparatus; which we call the Pcpt-cs (perceptual-conscious) system...

.. the superficial portion of the mental apparatus (and why superficial? .. what we call the perceptual-conscious system ..)

Freud’s descriptions are tinted and tainted by definitions that carry a ..smirch to processes ..and ..this is unbecoming and uncalled for while describing processes .. a thing that ought to be shed off.. unloaded ..abandoned ..

.. what we societies .. solely adhere to ..are based upon it .. the worlds we live in .. ignorance(?)..

.. what is most cherished about

"This system is directed on to the external world, it mediates perceptions of it, and in it is generated, while it is functioning, the phenomenon of consciousness. It is the sense-organ of the whole apparatus, receptive, moreover, not only of excitations from without but also of such as proceed from the interior of the mind. One can hardly go wrong in regarding the ego as that part of the id ..."

.. the ego exerted as a force .. moulding itself in the process .. in what we experience it ..

.. Sigmund Freud's .. literally .. the quantum foam .. the seething cauldron ..out of which .. reality .. emerges ..springs out of .. under the influence exerted by the ego
the point .. I was trying to make .. understanding the .. from my perspective .. the connection with the physical world .. quantum noise .. their origin being similar .. if not the same ..

.. underlying ..all processes .. included of what we are used to call as .. mental ..

.. mental processes ..on a par ..with physical processes .. the quantum mechanics .. prevailing in physical processes governs mental processes ..too
.. the parallels ..enabled that equates the mental processes with the physical processes as having the same origins .. the .. being in a sense primordial ..equated to the quantum foam that underlies the physical world  .. mental processes unconscious ..and conscious ..alike .. mental processes surpassing the conscious ..realm .. include the functions of the ego and the super-ego ..

".. which has been modified..

..modified .. by an agent .. a self-created ..agent .. to whatever qualities such an agent can be thought of .. an entity .. created out of the whatever essence being attributed to mental processes and are assumed to possess .. in a similar manner as it has been observed in all of its other manifestations .. according to the self-similarity principle that pervades all realms under the influence of the all-encompassing state of being.. which is none other than chaos .. driven by the powerful force of seeking-out order .. the stable states of existence ..

.. modified ..moulded by .. the elements that is made out of .. what enables proximity to the external world .. the conduit of the id to the external world .. the conduit that passes through what is received out of the external world ..

.. by its proximity to the external world and the influence that the latter has had on it, and which serves the purpose of receiving stimuli and protecting the organism from them, like the cortical layer with which a particle of living substance surrounds itself. This relation to the external world is decisive for the ego. The ego has taken over the task of representing the external world for the id, and so of saving it; for the id, blindly striving to gratify its instincts in complete disregard of the superior strength of outside forces,..

.. the attribution to the ..of .. instincts .. and gratifying them well .. uncalled for .. unnecessary.. a point where Freud’s.. descriptions  do to the id ..injustice ..
.. there should be not  .. what? ..malevolence attributed to id .. in the same way that they are not attributed to the physical quantum realm  .. the devastating forces existing in that realm bear no relevance to the world that we are living in .. Freud’s mental complement accomplished at the time he lived, does not appropriately allow describing id it should be ..

..could not otherwise escape annihilation. In the fulfilment of this function, the ego has to observe the external world and preserve a true picture of it in the memory traces left by its perceptions, and, by means of the reality-test, it has to eliminate any element in this picture of the external world which is a contribution from internal sources of excitation. On behalf of the id, the ego controls the path of access to motility, but it interpolates between desire and action the procrastinating factor of thought, during which it makes use of the residues of experience stored up in memory. In this way it dethrones the pleasure- principle, which exerts undisputed sway over the processes in the id,..

.. another ..unnecessary attribution of ..intent .. in human terms .. equivalent to trying to use the standards that hold for the classical world to determine the standards that should hold in the quantum realm.. whereas it ought to be the other way around .. the included .. the classical world determined out of what holds in what includes it .. i.e. the quantum world ..

.. and substitutes for it the reality-principle, which promises greater security and greater success. "

security ..success .. one should read ..stability instead .. the human condition tainted terms promulgated under the overwhelming influence permeating the societies we managed to set up thus far ..should not ..should never be used to determine anything other than its limited domain .. limiting in the process, the breadth and width of its mental processes .. attenuated to its utmost by the physical processes present at that specific space and time..

inane if not an insult the attempt .. the instincts of a mouse trapped to assume from its current conditions .. as the conditions pervading of all that surrounds its tiny enclave ..

.. evidence of Generation Y's inflated ego ..

superficial account ..

what is ..ego .. does the author ..knows ..

so relevant .. it is compelling .. even if .. I regard it such .. as an illusion ..

so what is relevant, here .. the stimuli ..received .. since the dawn of this day .. all ..converge into thing .. something .. solid .. shaping out .. emerging .. the bones and ..tissues .. coagulate into a form ..

I thought I knew .. till ..I read the article of .. Freud's unconscious ..

.. the demands of the working world ..

what I don't like .. about the content of Freud's unconscious .. coloured .. tainted ..

coloured .. colourless, being ..what is .. and what ..ought to be taken as ..

good or bad .. terms that do not ..that cannot be attributed to .. the unconscious cannot be described as good or bad .. good bad .. emergent attributes .. there are no forces of evil ..or forces of good for that matter .. primordial or in whatever other way imagined .. proposed ..  only pure energy ..

..and as that energy ..representing the pre-existing .. the precursor of the fundamental forces that quantum mechanics ..tells us about .. separate into the forces that are known to exist ..nowadays .. delimiting the realms that each exert their influence .. shaping up the world the way .. we have learned and learn that it is .. curving realms into the existence ..among them the realm that includes us .. the part that is familiar to us .. that that becomes evident via the mental processes we possess .. mental processes that enabled us to formulate laws .. physical and mental

behaving like an upstart ..obstinate and persistent in  assuming that what we have surmised about our existence ..our state of being ..should hold also for.. what it came from .. instead of applying what little we have learned the way it ought to be .. a way that reveals to us things come by .. the way system evolution works .. 

bouncing back .. traits that come after .. evolved out of ..

representing only his state of mind .. subjective .. in a manner ..

...whereas ..  

The id .. the ego .. the superego .. the backdrop .. providing the stage where their emergence takes place .. the noise the .. abound with .. a rich field ..fertile ground .. intertwined nowadays in ways that surpass all that was present in the past ..making it possible to take its full advantage to its utmost limits of its potential  carried as the entities possessing it ..getting closer and closer .. the physical barriers overcome .. communication .. information exchange .. progressing exponentially .. never abating ..

All that it takes required a necessary and simultaneously sufficient condition is .. to become part of the noise thrown carelessly into its midst the tiny inconspicuous fragments of thoughts seemingly irrelevant inconsequential to be devoured relentlessly by the entities comprising the systems abound driven by the immense potential for change towards the goal of ascending into states of being ..states pure and unadulterated .. discarding ..throwing overboard ..all what stands in its way .. in their way.

The processes at bay relentless the effects become enormous .. the ripples caused immense .. the entity human being propagates it ferociously .. as the senses are driven to work at their peak .. trial and error procedures at a devastating pace .. myriad combinations  ..outpace each other all under the powerful influence exerted by the overwhelming pressing ..zest produce the ultimate outcomes that would shape conditions that fit like a glove to its nature .. becoming the vehicle of its own change and powerfully pushing forth the change of its surroundings the societies lived within ..  perturbations  unleashed with devastating effects .. extrapolating the outcomes to their utmost .. hastening the pace of its evolution ….

towards the goal of ..  Pandora's box: Humanity's ..costs and benefits.. Costs spread ..Benefits sharpen .. The focus of both.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Celebrate our ..ignorance. Ignorance equates to un-awareness. Nature-endowed. Become familiar, accept it, embrace it.

Business Judgment Rule legal definition of Business Judgment Rule. the Free Online Law Dictionary.

Business judgement rule - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

business judgement rule .. the innards of the system ..

.. reads ..

"To challenge the actions of a corporation's board of directors, a plaintiff assumes "the burden of providing evidence that directors, in reaching their challenged decision, breached any one of the triads of their fiduciary duty—good faith, loyalty, or due care"[2]"

the triads .. good faith, loyalty, due care .. so vague .. so obtuse(?) (how did that word came into mind?) ..does that make any sense at all? .. sense ..that I am oblivious to .. my conscious mind? .. and yet.. it came .. fulfilling .. a closure .. as yet .. un.. un.. what? .. unresolved ..

obtuse adj., -tus·er, -tus·est.

"Lacking quickness of perception or intellect.
Characterized by a lack of intelligence or sensitivity: an obtuse remark.
Not distinctly felt: an obtuse pain.
Not sharp, pointed, or acute in form; blunt.
Having an obtuse angle: an obtuse triangle.
Botany. Having a blunt or rounded tip: an obtuse leaf.

resolved .. by virtue of being ..vague .. handling such notions .. would not bear the best .. individuals can provide .. and any actions on the triads behalf .. would be characterised by .. lack of quickness of perception or intellect .. lack of intelligence or sensitivity .. not sharp, pointed, or acute in form; blunt

the sombre facade .. individuals are dressed .. exhibit .. put forth .. reason-inspired .. reason, its shaky foundations .. and its over-reliance upon such brittle fundamentals .. brought to bear .. by individuals surrounding the decision-makers .. any decision-makers .. at any level of any organised form .. individuals have willingly placed themselves .. or are placed by an organised system .. in whatever way it has evolved .. its evolution traced through centuries of human activity .. and unwittingly subjected by them .. the decision-makers .. and the decisions made .. which the least of all being .. that it is annoying .. going to the extremes .. which might include complete destruction .. verging annihilation ..

it proved to me .. that despite not knowing out of the top of my head .. the definition .. and therefore the reason for using that particular word (obtuse, that is) .. that intuition .. and intuition-governed discourse .. is paramount in achieving .. innovative results .. and works .. in un-awareness .. apparent .. un-awareness

..taking the whole process .. into a matter of trust .. trust of our intuitions .. they work via underlying mechanisms .. deployed virtually unaware of our consciousness .. or at least .. by some of the definitions given for consciousness ..

celebrate our ..ignorance .. how did that come forth .. ignorance equated to un-awareness .. become familiar with it .. accept it .. for ourselves .. and for other other people around us .. do not apportion malice as the only reason .. behind any decisions .. they make .. be that corporations bosses .. head of states .. politicians .. and above all .. anyone ..

.. endowed with .. it is nature-given .. our ways .. to explore ..our surroundings ..

wrong decisions .. accept them as mistakes .. theirs .. ours .. and move on .. remedy the situations .. the states, the outcomes .. if they need .. remediation ..

tolerance .. despite the ample display of arrogance .. human individuals are entitled to it .. their undeniable entitlement .. anyone is entitled to .. and anyone displays it .. in abundance .. it is a prerogative of the human individual .. we need it ..

vague .. fuzzy .. so spread out .. unable to quantify .. quantify .. legal .. law .. attempts .. to distil meaning .. definitions provided .. the cases a court by which provides solutions .. boundaries .. limits .. strappings .. mere strappings .. arbitrary bootstraps ποδηγετιση ..

the whole system .. rely upon ..

uncertainties .. full of uncertainties .. thence is amazing how anything based upon these ..triads .. can ever achieve the stable structures the corporations appear to have .. but at the same time .. the excesses that dominate the sector ..

Monday, 19 September 2011

Consciousness kicks in...

Consciousness is a four- or higher-dimensional force that can operationalize the C-choosing-function and affect our trajectory through four-dimensional space.

consciousness ..composite entity .. components ..or the way it manifests itself .. as awareness ..or attention ..or free will .. to name a few ..

what passes as an inability to define consciousness more fundamental systemic as such .. consciousness as being the property of the system ..that stands above reality .. and manifests to us as .. spurts .. that last for moments only .. the intersections ..of a 4-d plane

bear similarities with

what makes people create convictions and stand by them .. simply a result of the materials upon which they conceive what happens what takes place in the sphere they are surrounded by .. where they unravel the threads of their lives

materials representing their state of knowledge ..of what is to be known and how deeply they know what they think they know .. skewed to a great extent upon the choices they made .. choices that they exert overriding influences .. self-imposed limits .. that ring-fence ..tight boundaries .. that strangle the individual within .. breathing space restricted .. the air it breathes .. it is needed .. ideas .. these furtive entities if heeded .. if their passage and out ..of our sphere of influence .. are capable to break up the stranglehold ..the security enabled ring-fencing .. that was allowed to start building in the first place ..

consciousness kicks in

Monday, 20 June 2011

Fighting addiction .. by .. by-passing entire domains. ..

In New Addiction Treatment Erases Drug-Associated Memories

"Professor Barry Everitt said, “The results suggest that efforts should be made to develop drugs that could be given in a controlled clinical or treatment environment in which addicts would have their most potent drug memories reactivated. Such treatments would be expected to diminish the effects of those memories in the future and help individuals resist relapse and maintain their abstinence."

a mental .. alternative ..

Drug .. anything classed as drug .. cigarettes .. alcohol .. name it .. addicted ..

addiction .. sustained .. by paths .. trodden .. visited .. again and again .. on and on ..

drug-associated memories .. drug-behaviours .. fractally organised in the brain .. in domains .. sub-domains ..etc ..

fighting addiction .. by .. by-passing entire domains ..

all a matter .. of what route is taken .. by one's mind .. one's consciousness daily stream ..

a route not taken ..a domain not visited .. is as good as .. not existing all ..

a domain ..full of drug-associated memories .. all dragged .. into .. virtual oblivion .. from literally one moment to the next ..

once the tip of one's .. consciousness arrow .. mind .. is attracted .. beguiled .. drawn into

a more powerful cause .. purpose .. that swamps .. obliterates any cause .. (pre)-existing ..