Tuesday, 19 April 2011

.. logical explanation?

logical explanation .. what is that .. accustomed .. been bred within .. the logical explanation .. mechanistic .. Newtonian .. states organised along these lines .. societies ..

is there anything logical .. the way it is assumed .. the attributes of the concept amassed over the years .. the language formed .. used profusely and determine the thoughts that people make ..

there is nothing logical .. in the way people's minds work .. there is nothing logical .. in the way nature works for that matter .. in the way that systems work .. in general

emergence .. weightings .. concepts .. or entities undergoing processes .. the processes themselves .. that derive out of the working the concepts .. what the entities that comprise the system do ..

weightings in the processes .. that make one stronger or weaker than another .. each of the competing processes ..though they are other than competing against each other .. merely .. set side-by-side .. any competition might be surmised .. its purely seen in artefactual manner .. as seen from the perspective of an outsider .. an observer .. and that observer is identified ..as the human individual..

processes .. playing in the same field .. what could be construed as .. competing with one another .. but there is nothing intrinsic within the processes .. that could justify .. the idea of competition .. each process unravels on its own merits and for its own sake alone ..

what is measured as the outcome .. is a combination of the outcomes .. of all the processes within a particular field ..