Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Mathematical substrate, the bed consciousness lies upon and draws from

The deepest level experience is embedded on and from which consciousness and awareness originate. A substrate of processes that continuously unfold and built up reality and the human mind in a similar fashion emulating nature raises our consciousness and awareness.

Our sense organs gauges that monitor reality and pass this information to the brain and under the direction of our consciousness unfold our actions. Our eyes, ears and all other organs sensitively measure and calculate the values of constantly changing variables within their given range and feeds them to an enormous bed of mathematical functions for processing, filtered, and our consciousness the focus that interprets the result.

Mathematical functions that include triangulations, differentiations, integrals all that is included in a mathematician's inexhaustible arsenal to chaotic developments and quantum computations that enter, when necessity demands at appropriate levels emerging experience rise from.

Our body, a mass of chemical concentrations, equilibrium states and other parametres, with our brain and the emerged consciousness included, define our experience. Mathematical functions underlie almost everything we do, from the simple acts of walking, reaching out for objects, driving a car. And not only, they are directing our mental functions too, the formulation and development of thoughts, of imagination, the pleasure we take when we listen to music or watching a film. They constantly assessing, judging, estimating and direct the actions.

They are taking place in a level our consciousness can not detect. They are beyond the reach of consciousness. But consciousness can direct our mind to pay attention to, to subtly direct and guide their development towards a richer more fulfilling experience.