Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Moving the consciousness subject too far ...

The threads responsible for these thoughts
Chaos in my mind. Channels tapped
Raw ideas, grab them as they come

The thoughts that entered my mind are going too far, even for my own consciousness to abide to. It all started, by thinking about concepts and what makes them be what they are. Researchers, in all advanced disciplines, talk in a language of their own, that (the thought passed my mind) even between them they would have difficulty communicating. Their papers are so detailed, so subtle the meanings trying to pass to each other that are bound to create situations where these meanings are not passed along to their fellow researchers as they meant to be. Why do I go too far with this? An urgency.

I had in mind what I read about meaning lies in people and not in the words we use to communicate. I was querying in my mind a comment I read in a website about the difference between unconscious and subconscious and the evolution of its meaning to our present day. I was thinking that it did not matter after all. What it matters is how each individual constructs the meaning in his mind.

That led to concepts and their significance and whether all concepts are as significant as any other and what about the concepts that are continuously invented as researchers continue to probe reality deeper. The thought occurred to me that the concepts researchers develop are in remote branches of some fundamental concepts and their significance lies in how much they elucidate further the fundamental concepts, as such. As deep down the significance of their work lies in the usefulness they confer in the understanding, not only for them or their fellow researchers, but in the general public at large.

And there a unified, global approach that puts the efforts of scientists in all disciplines all over the world in its right perspective. But it did not stop there. My thoughts about a mathematical substrate that our consciousness lies had a momentum by themselves and carried me through in the next stage. Grab them as they come. The thoughts I mean.

A whole that is made out of concepts and the mathematical substrate, mathematical processes, or simply processes that take place within reality and the processes in our minds, go along hand-in-hand there is no distinction, no separation between them. Process space reality of its own, a phase space I would say, like the phase space in chaotic developments. There is no room for material world. The material world is the manifestation of the processes themselves. A result of specific processes. Processes are not underlying the reality we witness with our senses. It is the reality itself. Our brain the conduit that connects our minds with that process space that engulfs us, gets in tune with the processes around us, and opens up a stream for our consciousness to pass. It is what makes me write now and the words come unbiased. I record them as they come.

Many individuals have managed to tune the processes in their minds with the processes in reality in such a way that their feats astonishes us. I consider them as examples of the possibilities open in front of us, once is realised how reality organise its fabric. When I saw the dutch fakir balancing mid-air on its slender cane to his side, it struck me then and I see it now, as a manifestation of perfect tuning of mind and reality processes. The google search triggered by this spectacle led me to a website that added on in my amazement as its subject is about human levitation. Defying the laws of physics? Can that be possible? I see these feats as an expression of the approach of mind and reality processes in accord with each other. Can that lead to states which defy the physical laws?