Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Chaos in my mind. Channels tapped

     I was wondering why, when I write I can not find the right words to express myself. In the process of formulating the thought, words surfacing are incoherent, haphazard, inappropriate. However, if I doubt them and not use them, I would stop the formulation of the thought completely, especially when I think along the lines: "Am I right to use that word?" Even if I pause, I would loose the lead, the inspiration of the moment. If I reason at all, I would have lost the essence of my inquiry.

     Chaos complete. Erich Harth's incomprehensible noise, mentioned in his "Creative loop" book. The unstructured, unordered (?) state space in the periphery of a chaotic attractor. And out of that noise a tiny fluctuation is singled out, is amplified and it grows into a full fledged thought, almost effortlessly, as if you tapped into a channel. A channel that leads your thought into the ordered segment of the state space of a chaotic attractor. Tranquility.