Monday, 26 November 2007

The importance of the preparation stage in the height of experience, consciousness can lead to.

The materials in the preparation stage that consciousness takes care of, determine in what depth the functional stage will go to. The result of that stage depends on the quantity and quality of materials the conscious phase provides. Materials as these are concepts and ideas experience has produced. Concept acquisition varies between individuals and ranges from a superficial, epidermic, skin-deep to a deeper and more far-reaching content.

Concept acquisition is defined by the quantity, the sheer numbers of concepts embedded in a given reality that our consciousness has a record of and the quality of the recorded concepts as it is defined by the extent of properties and attributes, the extensions of each concept, are known to us. If there is a small quantity, it means that only this small quantity is going to be considered in the unconscious phase. If the quality of the associated attributes is dubious then the end result of a thought process will be dubious too.

As the functionality of the consciousness content is double, it does not only determine the mental structures embedded in our brain, it also determines, most crucially, what stimuli from a given reality will enter in the unconscious phase of the thinking process. Only the stimuli that are connected with the concepts we have acquired, will be considered in the unconscious phase, whereas stimuli that are not part of our acquired concepts will be ignored. They would not be considered at all, in the functional stage, despite being present.

What is disheartening is that the human individual suffers from a crucial ailment. What it does not know it does not exist. It provides the groundwork of truth. Truth that is known only to an individual but seldom shared by others. There is a sensation that is brought about from consciousness that lulls the individual in a false sense of fulfillment something that is more evident in kids, a solipsism that makes them believe they know everything, a sort of omniscience which characterises adults too. A feature that plays a big part in the development of our personality, which hinders our need to continuously aim for a deeper and wider concept acquisition.

The conscious effort of accumulating ever more concepts and concept attributes makes experience richer and more fulfilling than ever as more and more stimuli from reality would be allowed to enter let in the unconscious phase. The way our unconsciouses phase will make use of them, it can not be determined, it is chaotic, unpredictable, and therefore exciting and is bound to lead the individual in exhilarating heights.

People whose conceptual arsenal are more far reaching than others, will be able to include a larger amount of stimuli, they will attribute other persons as dim-witted and stupid as not being able to see what for them is so obvious as the depth of their concepts provide a richer bed of materials than others.