Monday, 17 December 2007


synchrony like resonance,

helps the signal emanating from the oscillators fall into step vibrating in a lock-step fashion as in a plasma of atoms?

Charged particles must be close enough together such that each particle influences many nearby charged particles, rather than just interacting with the closest particle (these collective effects are a distinguishing feature of a plasma). The plasma approximation is valid when the number of electrons within the sphere of influence (called the Debye sphere whose radius is the Debye (screening) length) of a particular particle is large. The average number of particles in the Debye sphere is given by the plasma parameter, Λ.

Each particle influences many nearby charged particles. Cellular automata? Sphere of influence, and within that sphere of influence the necessity for a large number of particles. Charged meaning that they must be excited, being ready for exerting other particles and by being exerted by other particles.

Particles as entities, and entities existing in many forms. Entities as concepts, ideas, processes. Oscillating, excited. Ever ready to participate in processes, to influence and be influenced by other entities nearby. Within the sphere of influence. and whenever there is a large number of entities, then they get into step, become synchronised, a resonance field, a plasma? The synchronized entities can easily assimilate newcomer entities and their power nonlinear, geared.

Entities as concepts. Thoughts thought from men organised in a similar manner, the plasma mode. Primeval forces, the powerhouses of cosmos whose remnants are seen in the huge gas clouds the nursery of stars, the stars themselves, the core of earth. And what we see in the universe a result of harnessing that awesome power? The result of the myriad similar processes undergoing in the very same plasma, generating the forms our senses detect. The phenomenally stable objects our experience witnesses. But inside they are other than stable. Stability is phenomenal. An illusion?

And the objects we observe, out of the plasmas of entities, so delicately balanced around minute determining initial conditions, chaotic developments, the starting points, which if upset will violently re-arrange the whole plasma, the object so dearly ingrained in our minds. Our minds in step with the object, intertwined and spawned by the same processes that gave rise to the objects.

and what about the grand-father clocks against the wall, their knocking vibrating in step, synchronisation

Topics include: atomic and molecular dynamics in strong fields, high harmonic generation, coherent X-ray radiation, nonlinear plasma dynamics and relativistic optics, laser-based electron and ion acceleration, inertial confinement fusion and fast ignition, laboratory astrophysics, high energy astrophysics and cosmology, as well as applications of superstrong pulses to high energy physics.

harmonic generation and synchrony, and resonance, nonlinear plasma dynamics and relativistic optics?

Results are presented for a theoretical model, known as the ion model (IM), recently elaborated to calculate the radiative opacity of a hot dense plasma. The density functional theory is used to obtain the general set of self-consistent field equations that describe the state of the whole ensemble of plasma atoms and ions. Theoretical features of the Hartree–Fock–Slater model, the detail configuration account, and the IM are considered. The IM is used for optimal selections of compound chemical compositions for laser and heavy ion target designs.

radiative as radiating? Self-consistent field equations that describe the state of the whole ensemble of plasma atoms and ions? Atoms in a plasma vibrating in a lock-step fashion? Oscilatting in lock-step?