Monday, 3 December 2007

Consciousness the tool of chaos in world events

In defining what triggers chaotic events the following is relevant "chaotic dynamics possess both sensitivity to initial conditions and computational unpredictability" and "arbitrarily small fluctuations are thus inflated into global instabilities by the "butterfly effect", in which a perturbation such as a butterfly can become the source of a subsequent tropical cyclone. A chaotic system is arbitrarily sensitive to perturbation and hence responsive".

By taking in account the way we use our consciousness in our lives the above definitions provide a measure of its use and the manner it acts and determines events in the world around us. Our consciousness is extremely sensitive to stimuli and it does produce effects that are in comparison a cyclone in its track in the world.

Our consciousness can detect minute changes, fluctuations in the stimuli the world sends to our brains and is capable by the actions triggered by in the individual, to have a profound effect in world events.

A 'butterfly effect' right in our own doorstep.