Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Consciousness? In want for a better term

There is a quality more fundamental than consciousness. Its influence and impact more pronounced, yet in my mind the underpinning concept elusive. Consciousness a neurological product mostly used to pamper our egos, to make us proud of ourselves, to build our theories of mind. But there is a more fundamental level, more powerful that springs out from the interconnected all-surpassing reality network.

Reality as it is overwhelmed and exists as such, by dynamic processes driven by the fundamental forces. Ubiquitous forces constantly in action from the quantum to the cosmic level, bring out, realise another force within us. Consciousness, that we know, one of its products.

But consciousness, that we know, does not have a deciding influence. It can be shut off, blacked out, possibly by restricting the blood flow to that particular region in the brain, where the module responsible for raising it, resides. But that doesn't mean that the individual, whose consciousness module shuts off, ceases to exist or stops performing. Its body still vibrant and very much alive, the involuntary nervous system, and not only, still kicking in and take matters cared for, but not only. It outperforms in the active tasks, that living demands execution for, from when the consciousness module was around to applaud or mollify its actions.