Friday, 24 April 2009

Consciousness fractal multi-level approach, explanation?

The abstract from the article MODELLING PROCESSES IN A FRACTAL NETWORK: A POSSIBLE SUBSTRUCTURE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS which is intriguing and should be passed through the grind of my cognitive apparatus

"Abstract: It is proposed that consciousness does not emerge from a single level of biological organization (for example: from computational activity at the synaptic level in networks of neurons), but is a consequence of interdependent modelling activities by networks at different levels of organization including the molecular, organelle, and cellular levels, in some way entrained to produce consciousness. Fractal stacking and intercommunication of networks at different levels is proposed as a substrate that may be required for consciousness, either natural or machine-based. Adoption of this conceptual starting point may overcome some of the difficulties encountered when reductionist strategies are applied to the study of consciousness."

Going along the same lines is the cognitive chaos website