Saturday, 18 April 2009

Another aspect of anger in the minds we make.

The resistance is heightened. The already established mental structures ridden with cobwebs solidified, rigid, inflexible and stubborn, do not give up. Inertia proper. The high degree of its inertia, require enormous amounts of energy to shift it.

Copious quantities, that only anger can provide. Should not fret to express the anger, should let it be the force that will break up the mold, shift the mental structures. Anger, the outburst unleashed with the energy carried by the force ...

.. 'energy carried by the force',

... what are the implications of that phrase, taking it as far as universe creating energy. Energy by itself inert, the outburst being the big bang? Anger? Energy gathered up, reaching a critical point, in need to get unleashed, and it is unleashed via the forces? And the forces? Channel energy into paths that create forms? All kinds of forms?

And chaos's initial conditions, and its sensitive dependence due to the fact(?) that these initial conditions represent trajectories, or are connected with paths that the forces carrying the energy unleashed, attain the maximum levels possible?

The forces, the corridors for the energy to burst out?