Saturday, 28 February 2009

Thinking and social engineering

.. thinking and social engineering

.. the website that claimed that the British state uses social engineering to pass into individuals the ways of thinking they find that it is worth of following

.. what I read in another website about thinking harms the health of individual

.. as far as I can remember it was not from a state website but one of the newspapers, the Telegraph I think

.. that means that the paper is into social engineering

.. or the paper played the role of spreading the doctrine of another group who had in their mind to influence, or stir away individuals from thinking

.. and why you find this contemptible?

.. it is down to an attempt to subdue individuals for the purpose of rendering them easy prey for the goals states and societies were built for, monetizing

.. if individuals stirred away, or stop thinking it makes it easier for the exploitation of the other individuals which their only purpose is to milk profits out of their societies

.. the source of the research, put it that way, is America.

.. these thoughts followed a feeling of disbelief, as why would anybody would want to do anything like that

.. meaning to want to influence the very deep function of any individual, the fundamental principle of the individual which is thinking. Thinking which leads or is instantiated by learning. Enhanced by learning.

.. so subtle the intervention that is barely noticed

.. it introduces elements of conspiracy

nothing is wasted?