Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Inspiration .. flashes .. what is perceived as, .. the norm of thinking out of the turmoil of brain activity.


I would not put .. a nail .. a distinction between the two .. suffice to say .. the fine boundaries .. of conscious and unconscious activity .. their interaction .. a collaboration .. how it is affected .. obscured .. blurred .. disoriented by the conditions surrounding ..self .. favourable conditions ..a must .. for its un-interrupted ..action .. whatever these might be .. for an individual .. a specific individual ..

a mind .. fresh, crisp, brand new .. like in the morning .. as if the thoughts .. leave a residue behind .. that clogs up .. the paths .. the passage-ways for the trajectories to run .. for thinking to develop .. evolve .. thought residue .. clouds the mind .. the conscious action .. its will aspect .. clouded, obscured, haphazard .. looses purpose, focus, attention .. the sleep clears the mind .. hippocampal or other action .. memories .. jumbled-up fragments .. separated, sorted in piles, segregated .. the paths cleared .. highways .. ready for another bout ..of activity .. amidst a day's toil

'The Emperor's new mind' Roger Penrose page 542

"The many hard hours of deliberate conscious activity would certainly be necessary, and sometimes it would take a while to re-acquaint myself with the problem."

.. in my mind .. trying ..to acquaint? .. myself? .. to the hmm.. value? .. role? .. significance? .. relative ..value? .. of whatever .. of conscious ..vs unconscious .. the relevance .. of conscious and unconscious ..activity .. deliberation

despite all .. this chaos .. I feel .. I am building the attractors .. and out of both .. modes of thinking? .. conscious ..thinking and unconscious ..thinking .. to find out .. how the two are related .. or ..being more precise .. how ..I relate them

.. mentioned them as modes ..of thinking .. though to someone .. and not me .. would not attribute .. thinking with unconscious

.. nevertheless I feel .. that both ..collaborate .. need each other .. intertwined .. one takes hold ..on what the other ..has left on .. a loop .. swirling constantly ..and that action ..goes beyond .. what someone .. wants to prove .. they have ..a connection? .. their connection .. all of their own ..despite of what ..lingers at the back ..of the mind ..of anyone .. trying to handle ..their relationship

they need .. one-another .. regardless ..of viewpoints ..one looks at them ..

hard hours .. of deliberate conscious activity .. Penrose hard on his heels .. to prove ..the superiority ..of conscious ..self? .. to its ..unconscious counterpart .. but that is not .. what conscious is .. it is not one of its attributes .. deliberate? .. may be to the point .. that expresses will ..and tenacity ..and perseverance .. a focusing ..kind of ..action .. to concentrate the focus of attention .. to one particular ..aspect ..object .. while at the same time .. is wandering about .. swirling around .. above ..what it is sustained ..by .. what is relevant .. to the aspect or ..the object .. deliberately ..its activity ..is focused upon ..

conscious activity ..is driven by will .. wants to ..

.. what I have ascertained .. about ..a point to ..contemplate ..separately .....

.. the concentrated nature .. attribute of ..conscious activity ..its single-dimensional nature ..its wave-front .. the tiny .. focal point .. to the quantum .. of the world .. that bears it? ..it is a part of .. a photon wave .. its wave-front ..sinusoidal .. the loop ..in time ..of its motion ..its movement ..followed the wrong thread .. inappropriate .. irrelevant dimension .. strayed .. lost focus .. taken away .. to the unconscious ..side .. need to ascertain ..focus ..deliberate ..conscious action ..

conscious action .. to put me back into the path .. I had originally in mind .. hard hours of conscious activity .. anything but .. where ..haphazard ..chaotic involvement .. what conscious does ..is to pull ..one's mind .. out of the chaos .. and put ..the concerted thinking .. back on the track .. force the mind to settle the chaos .. into an attractor .. a dive ..necessary ..in deep waters

all thinking ..is unconscious .. conscious action .. the flashes .. a sign that a connection ..has been availed .. an association .. of concepts ..notions .. ideas .. which to the physical level of the brain .. equates with a ..bridge .. a synaptic connection .. between one neuron with another .. or may be more than one .. several neuron-to-neuron connections between neuron groups .. assemblies .. which as ..wholes .. represent the concepts involved

flash .. connections snapped ..into being .. inspirations .. the mode of function of brain activity .. the norm and not ..the exception .. the underlying turmoil of all brain activity .. of thinking ..