Monday, 28 December 2009

The wonders of my mind ...

Learning, that is what I am doing right now. And what is learning? Simply categorising all the new information that entered the realm of my mind, in the immediate past, pigeon-holing it, organising it according to the framework, I have chosen gradually over time.

Haphazard, in a way chaotic, as i prefer to call it. Chaotic in the manner it instantiates, it is brought into existence, right from when it is generated right down to the way it is implemented.

Generation, by the way the accumulated instabilities already in place, deep into my brain, vibrate, responding to tiny flickers of ideas, I come across, and set the neurons in my brain in motion. Neural energy floods my brain, drives my neurons re-arranging actions. Instabilities, ideas ad limbo still seeking closure resurrect. Synapses ad necessito break apart, the room they leave, a void to be filled by new synapses, eagerly absorbing the new ideas, while an excited state overwhelms my being. New synapses, unforeseen, rigorously form.

Implementation chaotic, by way it is organised and by that I mean, without being sought after, specifically. Without seeking the particulars of any specific information, but letting information come in, seemingly haphazardly, without any plan, any conscious plan for that matter, without a consciously implemented plan.

Brought along, another attribute of chaos. In the way it manifests itself, a radical overhaul of sectors of ideas fostered by minute inconspicuous details of information. Little ideas with overwhelming potential, as by changing them, enable my mind compelling insights.

Out of the blue, of no-where, of seemingly incoherent information, the attractors of my thoughts, the framework set forth, is hidden from my conscious mind, but nevertheless, exists. What is seemingly haphazard, is not haphazard at all. It guides the essence of my thoughts, without me knowing and puts them together.

Learning, a process which incorporates all the seemingly disparate ideas, into a coherent whole. Its limitation, its necessity of a clear, un-troubled mind state, required. Clarity of mind available, at only suitably selected day's intervals.